International program
QUST-MTSU (the U.S.)

MTSU is the No. 1 choice for our state's transfer students, the No. 1 provider of graduates to the Greater Nashville economy and the No. 1 choice of Tennessee adults (ages 25 and up) seeking a four-year degree. We have been recognized nationally for our Quest for Student Success, our priority to help our students persist and graduate. We are home to the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center, the largest support facility of its kind in Tennessee.

To promote academic exchange and cooperation between the two universities and to strengthen the friendship between Chinese and Macau people, Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) (P. R. China) and Macau University of Science and Technology(MUST)(P. R. China) hereby agree upon the following terms and conditions as set forth in this General Agreement.

1.Application申请:Please download and complete the application form. 请下载申请表,并用英语填写。(见附件)

2.Transcript 学成绩单。请提供大学成绩单并附英文翻译。

3.English Proficiency 英语成绩:雅思(IELTS 5.5 以上)或托福成绩(iBT 61 以上)。

4.Study plan, 中英文两份你的学习计划。(Chinese and English version)

5.Resume,中英文个人简历 (Chinese and English Version)

6.Schedule Arrangement 时间安排

Register 报名:每年4月中旬(Mid April every year)

Materials summit材料提交:

Interview 面试:每年四月下旬( Late April every year)